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Studio You Fitness is all about helping YOU become the best version of you, in the most healthful way! We all have struggles and insecurities in life but fitness and diet don’t have to be part of that cycle. By making small, consistent efforts, you can achieve BIG results.

So take a look around. The website is still very new and there will be plenty of content built-in over time. Read up a little about me and if you are ready to make a change, give me a call or message and see how I can help.




A little about Studio You…

Studio You Fitness is, as the name implies, all about YOU and YOUR fitness. I’m a personal trainer/fitness & nutrition enthusiast/wife/mom/health care professional that recently moved to Cobb Co., GA from Ohio, via Hong Kong-whew, that’s a mouthful!

How does all of that relate to your fitness journey? Well, it means I get it. I get that you have a lot more going on in your life than worrying about your next workout. I get that sometimes something needs to give, and a workout can be easy to scratch off the ‘to-do’ list. I get that kids, work, the dog, ┬áthe partner’s business travel changes, life in general happens. HOWEVER, I also know, from both a health care and fitness background, fitness is one of the things we really do need for optimal performance in ALL of those areas.

Let’s chat and define what your fitness journey is and where you want it to go. This is personal training at YOUR place and YOUR time to achieve YOUR goals. That’s right, I come to you, equipment and all! We can meet at a park, your driveway, your office or conference room where you work, just about anywhere. (Obviously safety for both parties is of utmost importance so the details will be hashed out in our initial meet-up.)

Maybe you are wanting a more social approach than hanging out with just me…you can organize a group of girlfriends or co-workers and enjoy a gym-like class at your time and choice of venue. (I realize our ideas of enjoyment may not be the same, but I believe fitness is fun!) This is a great way to share the cost, get fit and spend some quality time with your friends. I will tailor the class to the group goals and provide modifications so everyone, regardless of the fitness level, can achieve results.

Thanks for stopping by Studio You Fitness!

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